Engaged in The Lou: Wedding Planner Interview with Lacy Branch Events

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Engaged in The Lou featuring Lacy Branch Events

Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning in St. Louis featuring Lacy Branch Events

This week! We talk to the pro wedding planners on all things wedding, details, the planning process and why they love wedding cake so much. 

For this series, we chose to feature wedding planners, because they are typically the first people you should seek out after deciding to start your wedding planning process. There are many out there, but all have different styles, personalities and budgets. Doing your research to find one that you resonate with and who will fulfill your vision is worth the research. You will be spending a lot of time with your planner (depending on your engagement length), so you want to be sure that you “click.” Aside from being organized and connected, a wedding coordinator is a huge resource for creative ideas. Part of their job is to listen to your personal vision and bring it to life Which leads us to today’s featured planner!

Today, we speak with Lacy Branch, head planner and owner of Lacy Branch Events. She specializes in full-service weddings and nailing down your vision to a T. With a background in project management and corporate events, along with her eye for style and design make her one of the top planners in St. Louis. She is committed to team-building, style and trust with her clients and staff.  With an incredibly philanthropic heart, Lacy is the founder of the St. Louis Wish Upon a Wedding Chapter.

Read on for more about her work, and how she helps couples through the planning process entirely!

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Lacy Branch | Owner, Lacy Branch Events | Photo: Dennis Kwan Photography

Company Name:  Lacy Branch Events
Name:  Lacy Branch     
Position:  Owner/Chief Event Stylist
How many years in industry: 11
Specialty?:  Creating the perfect one of a kind wedding for our clients using style and experience.

What makes you and your company unique as a planner?

We are unique from our peers as we do not offer Partial or Month/Day of Planning.  Lacy Branch Events is a boutique-style company that believes in quality over quantity, and we only schedule one wedding per day. That way, our clients have the full LBE team behind them and we are not spread too thin.  By offering only full service production and planning, we are with our client every step of the way, many times even after their wedding.  LBE has done many family retirement parties, birthday parties, baby showers, etc.  At Lacy Branch Events we focus on providing customer service in a boutique-style way.

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What is your favorite aspect of the job?

Absolutely, hands down, my favorite part of the job is bringing the client’s vision to life. They often come to us with inspiration, either from Pinterest or other sites, giving us the seed we need.  We then work closely with them over the coming months, to help select every detail from the save-the-dates, to florals, lighting, linens and décor, to food, and even transportation to make it all  happen.  This helps achieve a cohesive look and aesthetic. When the couple get to see the room for the first time, tears of happiness stream down their face, or they jump up and down … that fills my heart!

Share a favorite client story.

There are so many, it’s hard to narrow it to just one.  But, I can remember a couple who reached out to us after getting engaged. They interviewed a couple other planners but signed with us.  We worked together for nearly a year, and it was the most fun we ever had with a client.  They lived in NYC and we got to travel there to have design meetings, and then they traveled to St. Louis for their menu and cake tasting.  The two had great ideas and inspiration, but did not micromanage the process. and trusted in our abilities.

On the day of the wedding they were nothing but smiles, and when they saw the room for the first time, pure raw emotion.  The bride said, “I haven’t cried all day until I saw this room!  Lacy you nailed it beyond our wildest dreams and you were the best thing that happened to us.”  I cried!  This is the type of connection we form with our clients over time, because we are just as invested as they are.  #myheartwasfull

How do you help couples narrow it down in a sea of vendors?

This is really where we separate ourselves.  I have 11 years of experience, and only recommend vendors/creative partners that we have worked with in the past. These vendors are tried and true.  LBE does not take kickbacks from vendors, so when recommending a photographer, bakery, stationer, etc., our clients know that it’s because we truly believe in their work. We know they will provide the same level of service we will.  We take recommendations very seriously, and pair the couples with the vendor that matches their personality/style/and budget.

Share a juicy tip with those planning their wedding.

PLEASE consider hiring a planner. Not just a day-of planner, but someone to help you all the way through the process.  The real value of an experienced planner is to help you navigate the planning process, stay on track, and will partner with you along the way.  Often times, even the most organized, Type A personality clients realize about 3 months in, that the process is more than they really wanted to take on.  Partner with a planner and trust that any cost of their services will be offset by good decisions and a good plan.

Why is St. Louis an amazing place to have a wedding?

St Louis is an extremely cost effective location to have a wedding, compared to many other locations in the U.S.  Additionally, we are centrally located. I have done a few “Gateway to the West” destination weddings here in the city.  One family was from the east coast, one family was from the West Coast. St. Louis was the middle ground, making it easier for guests on either coast. The bonus was the cost to have a wedding in St Louis was so much less than the coasts, so they could really have an over-the-top wedding.


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Engaged? Find more of Lacy and Lacy Branch Events on her website and Facebook page. Contact the LBE team for more details on starting the planning process!