Guest Book Ideas for Weddings – Traditional, Fun or Both?

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Times have changed from the traditional “check-in” guest book to fun and creative guest books. With the stress of wedding planning and the overwhelming ideas from Pinterest, it is difficult to choose a guest book that fits but keeping something like your guest simple will help! The ideas for a guest book are endless…

Our wedding coordinators have picked some of our favorites guest book ideas that give a creative and fun feel to a tradition.

Initial or Name Pallet

This is a timeless price that is simple yet gives personal touch and a rustic look to a new tradition of signing your guest book. 

Name PalletInitial2

Picture Book of Engagement Photographs

This is a way to share your engagement photos with those whom have not seen all of them yet and a way to treasure those photos with loving comments from family and friends. 


Polaroid or Photo Booth Book

This is a great way to have fun, be silly and share warm wishes with for you and your significant other while still having a social media feel but enjoying yourself without all of the technology!


Vinyl Records or Postcards

This gives more of a vintage and unique feel for leaving loving notes for you and your loved one and will let some of your guest reminisce over classic treasures.

vintage guest book10-vinyl-record-guest-book-ideas-018

Map or Globe

Let your guests know that they mean the world to you when you share your passion of traveling by letting them sign something that is close to your heart.

travel guest book


This is a cute and creative way to let your loved ones share words that describe you and your significant other while sharing other words of wisdom.

book guest book

Caricature Photo Frame

This is a unique way for any creative couple to have a portrait drawn of you and your significant other and have your guests leave love notes around it!

caricature guest book

There is an abundance of ideas for a guest book but make it personal! Having a guest book should be fun and creative to celebrate your special day!

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