Engaged in The Lou: SSD Events Wedding Planner Interview

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Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning in St. Louis featuring Signed Sealed Delivered Events

This week! We talk to the pro wedding planners on all things wedding, details, the planning process and why they love wedding cake so much. 

You are engaged and after celebrating the initial feeling of joy, you may get an itch of anxiousness when it comes to planning. If you start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of decisions needed to be made and the time commitment it takes to get all of these details in place, you may find a sense of relief in hiring a professional wedding planner.

Planners not only take the guess work out of the planning process, but as professionals who know the ins and outs of the industry, a wedding planner can actually end up saving you money. Here are a couple of ways they do this: 

  • A wedding planner can help with legal contracts and know the right vendors to go to based on your budget. 
  • Because of these long-standing relationships with vendors, it’s often that planners can help negotiate best prices on certain aspects of your wedding.
  • Time equals Money, and planners definitely ensure that you will spend less time stressing and more time enjoying the planning process.

There are many options depending on your needs, but the bottom line is, planners make your life EASY, ensuring that you can enjoy every moment of your big day, worry-free. We rounded up some of the top wedding planners in St. Louis (and some of our favorites to work with!), to share some inside secrets with you about the wedding planning process.

Today’s featured planner is Ashlee Erlinger, owner of Signed Sealed Delivered Events. You can tell from her bubbly responses, how passionate she is about weddings (and get a feel for her great sense of humor!). We have worked with Ashlee on many events, and each one has always felt magical. Happy reading!

Company Name: Signed Sealed Delivered Events
Name: Ashlee Erlinger
Position: Wedding Extraordinaire
How many years in industry: 8
Specialty?: Wedding Planning and Magic Making

What is your favorite part of the job?

Seeing my clients sooooo happy hands down! I also love the relationships that we build along the way. Once you sign on the dotted line, I am yours forever. This party isn’t over after the wedding. I expect to hear from you as soon your wedding photos and videos are available, on all big events in your life, when your favorite song plays, and what you are cooking for dinner.

Share a favorite client story/memory.

Favorite?! Sheesh! Not fair!

But for real, all first looks are my favorite part of the day. It’s the only time it’s just the two of you. When you can say, “Hey, best friend, you are the most beautiful person in the world to me and I cannot believe we are spending the rest of forever together. Our day is finally here. I love you so much…”

Then you take a deep breath and inhale every part of that moment. Those photos are pretty powerful.

I’m also a big cry baby the moment right before we walk down the aisle. Something magical happens then, the nerves, the excitement, the music… it’s all so goosebump-y and what we have been working on for months finally arrives! Such a happy happy happy moment.

st. louis wedding planner

Bride & Groom’s First Look | Photo: Dreaming Tree Photography

What is your favorite wedding trend of 2017?

Greenery! It’s so whimsical and romantic and versatile! I just adore anything green: mint chocolate chip ice cream, St. Patrick’s day, flowers, holiday wreaths made of pine, the emerald city…

What are some benefits to hiring a wedding planner?

To name a few:

  • A wedding planner is your non-biased best friend who can steer you through the opinions, requests, challenges, and to-do lists during the planning process.
  • A planner is directing your wedding weekend so you don’t have to. Neither does your mom, your dad, your fiancé, your aunts, grandmas, maid of honor, bridesmaids or godmother (did I cover everyone?). This means you (and everyone else listed above) can be present for your day, celebrate every moment and be an actual guest at your wedding. We communicate, confirm and triple check all the details of your day with your vendors so everyone is on the same page.  
  • Troubleshooting is a big part of our job, because when things come up, as they always do, we have the resources and know how to get it done. 
  • We won’t let you forget anything.  
  • Planners can easily recommend vendors, answer your questions, etiquette concerns, and offer advice with your best interest in mind (which is way easier than asking google). 
  • Planners can organize your 17,000 pins and create a pretty fabulous vision – oh and execute it! 
  • They can help manage your budget.  
  • A planner helps build your timeline (this is huge) and communicates that to all your vendors AND your bridal party and family!

Whewww! What a relief right?

What is your favorite wedding food… EVER?

I can’t choose one!!!! Wedding cake and Ces & Judy’s Signature carrot soufflé!

Why is St. Louis an amazing place to have a wedding?

So much history! So many amazing venues! But really, the top reason: St. Louis is full of loving, dedicated, wedding professionals who are hopelessly devoted to your happiness, and making your day the BEST DAY EVER!

Do you have more questions for the planner? Leave them below!

Find more of Ashlee and Signed Sealed Delivered on her website and Facebook page. Contact the SSD team for more details on starting the planning process!

Signed Sealed Delivered Events, was founded in 2012 after Ashlee’s experience in the sales and catering world and falling in love with every wedding couple she worked with.

“SSD was named after the song I heard at so many weddings, yet when Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton sang it in Joyful Noise, it was like they were singing to me, and I finally had a name to plug into my logo!”

SSD Events is 4 time winner of Wedding Planner/Coordinator of the year, the Knot Best of Weddings 2015-2016, Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award winner 2015-2106. SSD’s team of 8 all assist in making the magic happen on wedding weekends, and are just as passionate as you are, to see it all come together.