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Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning in St. Louis featuring Kate & Company

This week! We talk to the pro wedding planners on all things wedding, details, the planning process and why they love wedding cake so much. 

Tackling your big day all on your own seems like a fun challenge, but when it comes to your wedding, challenges are not always best, especially when emotions, time and stress are involved. With so many moving parts involved in planning a wedding, having a sidekick to see you through, ever step of the way can be life-saving. If you’re contemplating whether or not a planner is for you, we’re glad you are here. We’ve rounded up some of the best planners in St. Louis to share their take on the ins and outs of wedding planning and why your time investment is worth the investment in a planner. 

Today, we speak with Kate Turner, head principal designer and founder of Kate & Company. Her passion lies in creating gorgeous events that reflect the unique style of each individual couple, while still adding hints of the famous Kate & Co. style. {Trust us. You know a Kate & Co. event when you see it!}  Kate & Company’s bread and butter is impeccable design, and this shows through, especially in the details. Imagine stunning tabletops with personalized menus, or a custom-made movie poster, starring you and your beau, to welcome guests to your event.

Read on for more about their work, and some of the top design trends Kate anticipates for 2017!

kate & company st. louis weddings

Kate Turner, Principal Designer | Kate & Company

Company Name: Kate & Company
Name: Kate Turner
Position: Principal Designer
How many years in industry: 8 Years
Specialty?: Design

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

Kate & Company is the little engine that could!  As we head into our fifth year in business, we house a staff of three designers at our Saint Louis office and one designer at our Northwest Arkansas branch.  We love to call the Midwest home, but we are wanderers at heart!  No destination is too far for us.  We specialize in creating engaging experiences for the guests of our events through flawless execution and brilliant design.

What is a favorite client memory or story that still stays with you?

We have a few!

1] Cody, our groom, surprised his new bride with a getaway horse drawn carriage when she thought they were going to have to Uber back to the honeymoon suite!  She was so genuinely surprised and absolutely loved it!

2] This summer we had a destination wedding in Charleston and Maria, the bride, wanted to have an official first look with her father right before we went down the aisle.  It was such a sweet and touching moment.  After a few tears had been shed, they turned around [as we were on the second floor of the Thomas Bennett House in Charleston] and they could overlook the groom waiting at the altar, the guests seated, and for Maria it was a truly surreal moment to see everyone waiting on her entrance.

Being designs pros, what is your favorite anticipated trend for 2017 and what would you like to leave behind?

We would LOVE to leave behind blush + gold everything – instead, we would like to forecast 2017 with bright and poppy colors, signature colors that are more unique than the typical muted color palette.

What are some benefits to hiring a planner?

The benefits are endless!  Some of the most notable include taking stress off of a bride and groom’s plate leading up to the big day – those annoying family members and friends asking a million questions will be pushed our way instead!  Other benefits include the ability to rely on our expertise for next steps in this process.

Share a juicy tip with those planning their wedding.

Do your research!  There is nothing worse than having a member of your creative team who isn’t on board fully.  Ensure that they are well-reviewed, well-received, and have a portfolio of work that you admire.

Any tips for someone looking to pop the question?

Personalize your proposal – think of something your future fiancé loves, whether it’s a place, a song, or a smell!  Those are the small details that make a proposal so memorable.


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Engaged? Find more of Kate and her crew on their website and Facebook page. Contact the Kate & Co. team for more details on starting the planning process!