Feature Friday: Silver Oaks Chateau

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Feature Friday: Silver Oaks Chateau

We are excited to announce a new blog series, Feature Friday, which will shine the spotlight on some of the best and brightest in the wedding and events industry of St. Louis. We work with so many incredible individuals to make what we do possible, and we feel the need to spread the word about these wonderful companies and individuals. Over the next few months, we will be featuring different vendors and sharing a bit about who they are and what they can offer. This week we’re featuring one of our favorite Venues on Feature Friday Silver Oaks Chateau

Silver Oaks Chateau opened in August of 2015, and has been one of the most sought-after venues in St. Louis… and for good reason!  This French-style country estate offers soft romantic vibes, as well as natural luxury, from the rich wood vaulted ceilings, candle-lit chandeliers and exposed stonework.  We are lucky enough to have had the opportunity to cater exclusively at the venue for the past year, and work with the wonderful team at Silver Oaks. We are looking forward to continue catering weddings at this breathtaking venue. Check out this interview with Callie West, Events Manager & Day of Coordinator, who shares more about the beautiful space and tips for choosing the perfect wedding venue. All accompanied by magnificent views of Silver Oaks! Enjoy!

Share a little background on Silver Oaks Chateau and what makes it unique.

Silver Oaks Chateau is nothing without the incredible team that is Ron and Sandi Tate. The story of how the venue was founded is pretty incredible (come by for a tour and you’ll get the full scoop). But as an employee who came on after the building process, what’s even cooler to me is how dedicated Ron & Sandi are to this business now that it’s up and running. Sandi is not only a co-founder of Silver Oaks Chateau, but she is also a day-of coordinator for dozens of our brides! And if you’re getting married at our venue, there’s a good chance Ron is the one to greet you when you arrive for the big day and lighting the fire for your guests when the evening wraps up. Their dedication to the business is obvious to anyone who gets to spend much time with Silver Oaks Chateau.

What is the biggest concern brides have when searching for a wedding venue?

Searching for a venue can be nerve racking for several reasons, but the biggest concerns I’ve seen are date availability and pricing. Pricing in particular can be tricky because everyone is different! Some might include catering, others might offer shorter rentals times. We always try to over-educate our brides on what Silver Oaks Chateau offers and help them get a realistic idea of how a venue decision will affect their budget.

What specific needs must couples keep in mind when choosing a venue?

When searching for a venue, I always suggest keeping in mind what you need the venue to do. Are you celebrating the ceremony and reception in one location? How many people do you need to accommodate? Are you dying for an outdoor wedding in the spring? Venues are built with a specific purpose in mind and finding somewhere that fits your needs will make the entire planning process much easier for you and everyone involved.

The venue is often the first place brides look when they start wedding planning. Any tips on how brides can avoid frustration during this process?

Come in with an open mind. I certainly understand having your heart set on one date and being opposed to a long engagement. Mine was only 7 months long! But if you’re looking at a popular space, they may not have that Saturday in October you’re dying for. We have over 115 weddings booked for 2017 so most of our peek dates are taken. But we’re tried to create options for couples that still want to celebrate at Silver Oaks Chateau this year (i.e. Sunday Brunches, elopement packages, etc.). If you aren’t willing to give up the Saturday wedding or celebrating in a peek month, be open to waiting a little longer.

What is the most unique ways you’ve seen a couple treat the space at Silver Oaks Chateau?

That’s a good question, and a hard one! Since we’ve only been open a year and a half, everything can still feel very new. But one of my favorite untraditional options has to be whenever couples do their first dance on the patio- it’s so romantic and you can get some really amazing photos. First dances can sometimes feel a little stiff (when 200 people are all looking at you, it can be overwhelming!), but having that time on our patio makes it so much more relaxed while still being very elegant.

It is important the feel of the venue jives with the couple and their personalities. How would you describe the personality your space gives off?

One of the things I love about Silver Oaks Chateau is that it has a distinctive style without being restrictive. The dark wooden beams and large iron chandeliers definitely lend themselves to a more upscale, French chateau look. But! On our website, we have a blog featuring awesome weddings and wonderful vendors. By far the most popular post we did this year was a Kate Spade inspired wedding! This bride brought in pops of hot pink, bold linens and gold chairs; it went perfectly with the space. Silver Oaks Chateau was designed to be naturally beautiful with minimal work, but for the brides who want to customize for their own unique design- it’s a blank canvas just waiting for your ideas!

Silver Oaks Chateau Wedding Reception

Photo: Jon Koch


For more information regarding hosting a wedding event at Silver Oaks Chateau, contact the team at info@silveroakschateau.com.