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Weddings at The Magic House

Finding the perfect wedding venue is one of the first decisions to make as a newly engaged couple. Luckily, St. Louis is home to so many amazing venues! Today’s Feature Friday venue spotlight focuses on a beloved spot in Kirkwood, perfect for the couple looking to bring fun and a little childhood playfulness to their reception. The Magic House is full of whimsical charm and plenty of options for a unique reception. While the Magic House can play host to a dreamy ceremony, with its outdoor ceremony spot in Mary Ann’s Garden, you can then head inside to the Grand Hall for a stunning reception. These are only a few of the options The Magic House has to offer.

We took a moment to get the inside scoop from Marketing & Development Manager, Marissa Lorance, about hosting a most “magical” event at The Magic House.

The Magic House | St. Louis Wedding Venue

The Magic House

What sets the Magic House apart from other St. Louis venues?

The Magic House, St. Louis Children’s Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing hands-on learning experiences. In addition to weddings, we also host corporate events, fundraising galas, school family nights, and grant-funded nights for organizations that serve children. One of the best things about an event at The Magic House is that our entertainment is built in. If you have guests who aren’t into the dance floor, they can play throughout hundreds of exhibits!

We’d love to hear a little more about the background of The Magic House & why it’s such a household St. Louis name. 

By renting The Magic House for your private event, you are helping support our mission of engaging all children in hands-on learning experiences that spark imagination, pique curiosity, enhance creativity and develop problem-solving skills within a place of beauty, wonder, joy and magic.

The Magic House opened to the public in 1979 in a whimsical 5,500-square- foot Victorian mansion located in the demographic center of the St. Louis region. Founded by two parents, Barbie Freud and Jody Newman, the not-for-profit institution was created as the first totally participatory museum in the region designed just for children.

Over the years, The Magic House has grown from a small local museum to one of national prominence. Having undergone several major expansions, the Museum now houses 55,000 square feet of exhibits and serves over 585,000 visitors annually.

From a three-story slide to our signature electrostatic generator that makes visitors’ hair stand on end, The Magic House offers a fun and unique venue for weddings and other special events. 

What do you find is the biggest concern of newly engaged when searching for a venue?

One of the biggest challenges we hear from couples is staying within their budget, while still having the wedding of their dreams. Therefore, we suggest that a couple first decide on the style of wedding they want. They may be able to save on flowers and decorations by selecting a venue that suits their wedding style. The Magic House’s environment is already lively and colorful, so couples often choose simpler décor.

Finding a venue is often the first decision couples will face once engaged. Any tips on how to avoid frustration during this research portion?

The venue is a big decision in the planning process, as it sets the tone for the wedding. Most of all, it’s important that the venue reflect the couple’s style. Think about the style of wedding you want and that will help you narrow down venues to visit. Our advice: keep a spreadsheet of the list of venues you are considering, create columns about price, location and of course, pros and cons. So, that way it is easier to narrow down your options. {We LOVE this advice!}

The Magic House Wedding

What is the most unique thing you’ve seen a couple do for their wedding in your space?

Where do I begin? I’ve seen couples tie the knot in the courtroom of our Star-Spangled Center, our exhibit on civic education. Wedding parties have made an entrance by climbing through our three-story Jack & the Beanstalk climber. Caterers used Water Works, our water play exhibit, by filling it with ice and using it as a back bar. Finally, one of my absolute favorites was a couple that had their guests go into our replica of the Oval Office, sit at the president’s desk, and have a videographer record their wise advice for the couple. 


For more information regarding hosting a wedding, corporate or social event at The Magic House, contact the team here.