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Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning in St. Louis featuring Be My Guest Events Production and Design
Special thanks to Kristina Cippola Photography for the Feature Photo!

Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning in St. Louis featuring Be My Guest Events Production and Design

Engaged in St. Louis! Today, we speak with Joyce Bogan, CWP. She is the Creative Director and Principal Planner of Be My Guest Events and we are so happy to have her expertise showcased! She’s a proud MIZZOU alum who loves French 75’s and mastering Chrissy Teigen Recipes. She calls herself the worst car DJ that can go from Enya and Darius Rucker to JAY Z, Hall and Oates, and Anita Baker in one car ride. She loathes pumping gas and uses her gif keyboard in text way too much. (We don’t believe you can EVER use gifs too much though!) She finds peace in watching time-lapse videos of bakers icing cakes and is so grateful to havce the best “seat” in the house as two souls promise eternity. 


Company Name: Be My Guest Events Production & Design

Name: Joyce Bogan, CWP

Position: Creative Director and Principal Planner

How many years in industry: 7

What makes you and your company unique?

Perhaps it’s the blend of our nonprofit and hospitality background, but we believe in a relational process, ensuring that our client’s stories are conveyed through thoughtful design. Our services are for the clients that wants comprehensive support and expert planning with design guidance throughout the process. They appreciate and value how we shape their planning experience. Are you pursuing an advanced degree, planning during the slow time in your career, starting to buy a house? We get to know our clients so that we can tailor their planning journey around their life because life doesn’t stop because of a dress or tux appointment. We build in the breaks they need and have momentum meetings to keep us on track. You just can’t do that with a planning template from a magazine or blog. We also give it to you straight. I’m not going to *JUST* tell you why something won’t work, I’m going to level set with you and present alternatives you could be be just as comfortable-if not more, as well. As an avid learner, continued education means a lot to me. I feel I am my best when my clients are able to make informed decisions that protect their investment.

What wedding trend would you love to see?

We would love to see more couples following their hearts and not trends. What we mean by that is looking beyond the noise of what you’ve already seen created and develop an idea with your professional vendor team to bring it to life. Get inspired by YOUR love story. Instead of opting for generic cocktail napkins with your name and date, think about adding something about how you always trade your tomatoes for their red onions on your date night salad. Don’t forget that in the case of a wedding, there will be extended family or friends who may not know you as well. Seize this opportunity to add a little quirk. It would be an adorable nod to the personal aspects about you as a couple. I’d also love to see couples embrace the idea of a wedding weekend. The time in a wedding day goes by so fast and its always a bummer when you feel like you didn’t get to soak it all in with your family and friends. This can be as simple as bookending your wedding day with a rehearsal or welcome dinner, and a post brunch or group outing. This way, you have the opportunity to connect multiple times without the pressure of squeezing interactions in during open dancing or table visits.

Share a favorite client memory!

Way too many to choose from a client, but I remember a guest walking into the Jewel Box and saying, “I’ve been to a lot of wedding ceremonies here and I’ve never seen it look like this!” It made the fabricator measurement emails and set up window logistics puzzle worth it for those custom aisle planter boxes and floral.

Share a juicy tip with those planning their wedding!

When ordering invitations, add another set of addressed envelopes to your order. It is a huge time saver for when you are writing your thank you notes. (helps to actually get them done when there’s one less step!) The added bonus is that the look and feel still remains consistent and you don’t have to deal with revisiting that massive spreadsheet again.

Any tips for someone looking to pop the question?

If it weren’t for the proposal video, I don’t think I would have remembered all the beautiful words my partner said. Don’t skip out on professional photography and video to capture this moment. Our phones are advanced but you run the risk of the person manning the camera getting excited and making the end product a dizzy mess. It’s awesome to also see the lead up and preparation prior to the main event, so sharing your why is helpful to shake some of the jitters off and give your partner an inside peak into your mind.

Why is St. Louis an amazing place to have a wedding?

We are in a lucky spot that we are about 25 minutes from each area. This makes things a bit of a dream for wedding day timelines. Of course we add buffer time, but it’s always something we are so thankful for when we do transportation dry runs for our clients. There is beauty and culture (-and great food!) in each pocket and I love that it’s all within reach. I also love that St. Louis is a great place to explore. A lot of cool things *ahem, Twitter, 7UP soda, Toasted Ravioli* were created here. Get creative with that wedding website page and mention some interesting places for your guests to do in their down time.