Top 5 Catering Trends for Fall

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Top 5 Fall Catering Trends

As summer comes to a close, and a consistent–yet chaotic–routine is established, we can’t help but get excited for a new season. Fall brings opportunity for new flavors, ingredients, colors and themes. As a caterer in St. Louis and the Midwest, we have the awesome opportunity to utilize incredibly fresh ingredients in our recipes. Weddings, corporate galas, business luncheons and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are among the most popular events held in the fall. Here are our Top 5 Catering Trends for Fall you can expect to see a lot of this fall, continuing into the holiday season.

1. Fancy, Creative Food & Drink Pairings

You’re probably familiar with the concept of pairings, where a dinner consists of multiple courses paired with a different cocktail or wine at each course. This concept is now showing up in cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres. With so much room for creativity when it comes to cocktail hour, the possibilities are endless. We love the idea of a fall comfort food, Shepherd’s Pie, miniaturized and paired with an Irish staple, Guinness found here on BizBash. Drink and hors d’oeuvres pairings bring the food and the bar to the guest, and the portion size is just enough so that they can still keep drinking their personal drink of choice. Honestly, what is a delicious Kobe Beef Taco without a cold glass of Corona to wash it down?

Check out the latest, most creative takes on pairings here.


Mini Kobe Beef Tacos paired with Local Craft Beer Photo: White-Klump Photography

Mini POPS Champagne & Oysters Rockefeller

Mini POPS Champagne paired with Oysters Rockefeller

Shepherd's Pie paired with Guiness

Shepherd’s Pie paired with Guinness image via BizBash

2. Classic Favorites “Fancied”

So your favorite food is an All-American cheeseburger. Who’s to say that isn’t wedding food? With the popularity of food trucks and street fare, the catering world is seeing requests of all kinds from a hot pretzel stand with gourmet dipping sauces to burger bars with creative and fancy ingredients. Using unique, not as well-known ingredients is a fun way to put a twist on any classic dish.

Soft Pretzel Bar

Image via Tablespoon

















3. Action = Satisfaction

Guests want to be entertained. What better way to do this than by incorporating entertainment AND food! There is just something so special and mesmerizing about a professional chef chopping, tossing, and sauteeing, right in front of you. Having a carving station or a pasta bar, where the chef tosses and grills your toppings right in front of you, is a great way to get guests in on the action. Another type of interactive station is offering a base ingredient and endless amounts of toppings. We think avocado bars, beignet bars, deviled egg bars, and even walking taco bars are some of the latest and greatest offerings.

Lobster Salad Bar

Creat-Your-Own Lobster Salad Bar

Carving Station

Action Carving Station

4. It’s All About the Ingredients.

The locavore trend is as hot as ever, with more and more small business popping up offering “local goods” with locally sourced ingredients. Many people are opting to pay a premium if they know a good is local. And to be honest, the closer the ingredients, the better they will taste! Artisanal cheese platters with wheels from local creameries, or deli sandwiches using local meats are a great way to add a “locavore” theme to any party. Don’t be afraid to ask your caterer where their ingredients come from if that is important to you. With this rising trend, most will have already adopted the locavore trend!

Local Cheeses & Eggs

Local Cheeses from Marcoot Jersey Creamery & Mini Denver Omelettes made with Local Farm-Raised Eggs

5. Veggies and Healthier Fare are Taking Over

With the growing list of dietary restrictions emerging, it is almost necessary to incorporate a few vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options for any catered event. Contrary to popular belief, veggies can be fun! Poppy red cocktail tomatoes filled with quinoa and chickpea salad are crowd-pleasers for carnivores, omnivores and herbivores alike! Using gluten-free sauces on meat or chicken dishes with superfood grains like quinoa or wild rice is an easy way to accommodate all types of diets. Portobello Wellington is a fun vegan spin on a savory classic.

Grilled Veggie Kabobs & Cocktail Tomatoes

Grilled Veggie Kabobs & Quinoa Stuffed Cocktail Tomatoes