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Absolutely IN! Events

Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning in St. Louis featuring Absolutely IN! Events

We are continuing our series this week with more wedding planning tips, straight from some of the top planners in St. Louis, and tips to help you select the perfect venue! We talk to the pro wedding planners on all things wedding, details, the planning process and why they love wedding cake so much. 

Today, we speak with Ellen Condie, president and founder of Absolutely IN! Events. As a former lawyer, Ellen’s self-professed Type A personality has helped her outside the courtroom, as a successful wedding planner. She thrives in high pressure, detail-oriented environments, which is sometimes the reality of the special events world. She enjoys the day-to-day challenges of coordinating, and gets immense satisfaction out of earning the trust of her clients.

Read on for more about Absolutely IN!’s stunning work, and why St. Louis’s four seasons creates a wonderful place to have a wedding, year round!

Ellen Condie Absolutely IN! Events founder

Company Name:
Absolutely IN! Events
Name: Ellen Condie
Position: Founder/President
How many years in industry: Coming up on 7 years
Specialty: Saint Louis weddings

Tell us a bit about yourself and your company.

 “recovering” lawyer who loves organization, attention to detail, and working under pressure. As a California girl, I love to visit, but my heart is in Missouri. With a love of both country and city life, I see myself as a country mouse who loves relaxing by a fire or being outdoors walking with my Border Collies, and a city mouse who loves working in the city, soaking up the creativity and energy.

Absolutely IN! Events wedding at St. Louis Art Museum

Photo: Bridget Lanigan Photography

Share an anticipated trend that will make an impact on weddings this year. 

I continue to be fascinated by the role technology and social media play. I am breathless trying to keep up, but I expect platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and their successors to be increasingly important. Uber is great and it has yet to really take off here, but buying an Uber code for wedding guests, is an incredibly nice way to treat them to a safe ride home. I’m also fascinated by the use of web sites for everything from wedding information, to apparel, to ideas like funding charities in lieu of gifts or favors.

Absolutely IN! Events saint louis weddings

How to you help couples find the perfect vendor matches?

You really have to listen to your clients, so you can get to know what they want and what can actually be done. It doesn’t happen in one interview, but you have to be experienced in getting information quickly. There are many excellent vendors available in St. Louis, but not everyone is the right fit for a client. I like to give clients at least three choices in any vendor category, which will usually be “(relatively) high end but worth it”, “middle of the road”, and “really good for the price.” If we are helping a client choose vendors and décor, we almost always start with their budget. Then we can find out what things are really important and they should spend a little; and where they can save some money.

What is your favorite wedding food… EVER?

I will just admit to it: I LOVE cake. Old fashioned wedding cake with “real” frosting. If forced to choose, I would take white with a dash of raspberry filling.

Share a juicy with those planning their wedding.

Money always seems to be a difficult topic to discuss, but it’s necessary to learn about. Everyone has a wedding budget of some kind, whether it is big or small, strict or flexible. Don’t be shy about discussing your budget and sharing it with your planner.

Any tips for someone looking to pop the question?

Any way you plan it, it will be memorable; but I really like it when the proposer goes to some length to plan the moment in a way that is special to both. It shows that they truly know each other, and what the person they are asking to spend a lifetime with, love and is really about.

Why is St. Louis an amazing place to have a wedding?

We have all four seasons, each beautiful. Hence, St. Louis has a venue choice to compliment each one: inside, outside, modern, traditional. St. Louis has an amazing choice of vendors to give life to whatever your imagination can invent.

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Engaged? Find more of Ellen and the Absolutely IN! Events planners on their website and Facebook page. Contact the Absolutely IN! Events team for more details on starting the planning process!