5 Signature Cocktails to Serve at Your Wedding

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signature cocktails

You’ve worked hard to plan your wedding day details, so don’t let your bar become an afterthought! Incorporating signature cocktails into your bar package can be a great way to add a fun detail without too much extra cost. Having a signature drink can make service to guests faster and keep the bar line down, allowing guests to enjoy more time mingling and catching up.

Keep it simple by having the staples – beer (a St. Louis must!), wine, soda, and some liquor – and add in one or two signature cocktails that represent you as a couple. Choose a liquor that you both enjoy, incorporate seasonal flavors, come up with a cheeky name, or have a cocktail for each of you. Either way, you’ll have a fun time coming up with the drinks that will add a punch of personality to your reception.

Here are 5 of our favorite Signature Cocktails to spice up your wedding reception!

signature cocktails

Rum & Coke with a Twist & Blushing Bride

Couple’s Cocktails
We love the idea of having two drinks representing each of you at the bar. You can even incorporate a fun element by having guests vote for their favorite drink. Loser gets cake in the face!


signature cocktails - fig manhattan

Recipe at Style Me Pretty

Fig Manhattan
Perfect for the creative cocktail-loving couple! This signature cocktail is a twist on the traditional manhattan which will surely please bourbon lovers and newbies alike.

signature cocktails

Photo via Southern Living

What a great way to celebrate your school pride, especially if you met in college and have lots of guests from college! We can see a MIZ-ZOU version coming from this one!

signature wedding cocktail bar

Photo via The Knot

Margarita Bar
We love the idea of turning your entire bar into a themed bar. This was inspired by a couple’s first date when one too many margaritas were had. This is great if you are serving blended signature cocktails as it will speed up the bar service.

signature cocktails

Photo & Recipe via Martha Stewart Weddings

Starlight Royale
This is one of the prettiest signature cocktails, and is a perfect blend of masculine and feminine, with flavors that are sure to please most guests.



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